Patio W4

Main Divisions

  • Accident surgery (hip, knee- and shoulder prosthesis)
    Head: Dr. Klaus Kolb
  • Oncological and thorax surgery
    Head: Prof. Dr. Thomas Zimmermann
  • Neurosurgery (Brain, Spinal Cord)
    Head: PD Dr. med. Jochen Weber
  • Vascular surgery
    Head: Dr. Johann R. Koller
  • Cardiovascular diseases
    Head: Prof. Dr. Karl Konstantin Haase
  • Obstetrics and gynaecologic surgery (pregnancy and female genital disorders)
    Head: PD Dr. Peter Kristen
  • Urology
    Head: Dr. Hartwig Schwaibold
  • Pediatrics
    Head: Prof. Dr. Peter Freisinger
  • Internal Medicine and gastroenterology
    Head: Prof. Dr. Stefan Kubicka
  • Anaesthesiology/intensive care medicine and pain therapies
    Head: Prof. Dr. Friedrich K. Pühringer
  • Institute for radiology
    Head: Prof. Dr. Martin Lenz